The Law Firm of Al-Rifaie and Al-Dahsh

The Law Firm of Al-Rifaie and Al-Dahsh, thanks be to God, has enjoyed continued success, being one of the most experienced legal firms in the Arab world. Our excellent team of professionals ensures distinguished leadership in the field of legal services and consultation, working with passion and employing the best international practices in the fields of law, management and technology to serve its goals.

We at Al-Rifaie and Al-Dahsh seek to contribute to the strong growth and flourishing witnessed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the leadership of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Faithful Crown Prince, participating in progress towards the ambitious targets of the Vision 2030 project.

The Company, whose full name is “Al-Rifaie and Al-Dahsh Law Firm for Legal Consultation, Arbitration, Documentation and Training”, was founded by Dr Fahd Al-Rifaie under License No 199/33 as an individual practice, then, thanks be to God, became a professional legal company when the founder entered into partnership with Dr Abdul Aziz Al-Dahsh.

The head office of the Company is located at Suite 508, Platinum Center, Salad Eddin Al-Ayoubi Street, 12811, in the Al-Zahraa Suburb of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Al-Rifaie and Al-Dahsh offers many quality services in the fields of law, sharia and legal consultation related to commercial and corporate contracts, scientific research, intellectual property, patents, strategic studies, cultural diffusion and arbitration of various types at national and international levels.

The Company has wide activities and strong experience in offering a suite of legal and consultancy services to its clients including investors, local and international corporations of all types, as well as various governmental and non-governmental entities and individuals.

All of the above services are rendered through a team of the best-qualified lawyers, advisors, academics, lawmakers, former judges and international arbitrators, recruited at both national and international levels, following a strategy based on building very strong cooperation with many law firms throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the wider Arab world and other advanced nations, for the purpose of warranting the high quality and continued improvement of our legal and consultation services.

We at Al-Rifaie and Al-Dahsh are proud to enjoy the trust of our clientele in our services, encouraging us to strive for excellence and intellectual leadership in all our business activities, with our whole team cooperating to pursue our vision, mission, values, targets and common duties. Moreover, our leaders and executive management make every effort to achieve – with God’s permission – our joint aspirations and expectations by translating our strategic plans into concrete reality for the benefit of the Company and its clients.

We are pleased to present here the methodologies governing the general framework of leadership and administrative practices at Al-Rifaie and Al-Dahsh. The most significant priority in the management of the Company is creating governance tools for all of its activities, serving the owners’ desire to assure all stakeholders that their roles, duties and rights will be upheld by the implementation of a clear, active and competent framework which guarantees transparency, justice and dignity in all of our business activities.

We are committed to applying the legal project management (LPM) methodology, adapting LPM tools to the nature of our business, and to practicing management by objectives, focusing on objectives and key results as an active method of running the business. We have built a strategic dashboard inclusive of key performance indicators for all of our business activities. We are committed to adopting knowledge management, digital transformation, content marketing and strategic human resources management methodologies. Furthermore, we maintain and conserve the efforts of all through fair and active application of performance management and by applying financial management applications to all operations of the Company, taking care to develop our relations with clients through active management. Because our partners are important to us, we also seek to build strategic partnerships and have established a unique business model in order to achieve this objective. In addition, we apply benchmarking, kaizen and lean six sigma methodologies as appropriate to improve our business activities.

In the Company’s journey towards business leadership and corporate excellence, we strive to make steady progress in accordance with our capabilities and resources, with the aim of together transforming our work environment to set an example for professional learning communities, where all colleagues work in a spirit of love and pleasure as they engage in productive dialogue, discussion and workshops. Thus, we hope to crystalize our joint vision and build initiatives in line with the general framework and methodologies set out above, while sharing our efforts to achieve exceptional results.

We are pleased to take you on an introductory tour of the Company’s organizational culture.