Chairman Message

 Chairman Message

Advocate Dr Fahd Alrefaei

Board Chairman

We are in an era where the pace of life is accelerating and all societies are facing economic and developmental challenges in their search for leadership while limiting risk and waste, where they must react to the changing requirements of the relations among individuals and of the firms operating in these societies. Therefore, our contemporary societies have an increasingly urgent need for legal services and consultation. Given that the rule of law serves as the organizing principal of the life of developed societies, it follows that they are in constant need of established legal organizations to share the burden of meeting their needs, regulating their relations and promoting their continued advancement.

Against this background, the law firm of Alrefaei & Aldahash seeks to play its part in the ongoing strong development and flourishing of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by focusing on improving the quality of the legal services it offers and of its management mechanisms. Our company has succeeded in establishing unprecedented standards in the field of legal services and consultation, achieving unrivalled experience in the Arab world, and presenting an example of excellence while keeping our promise to seek sustainable development and progress, inspired by the wisdom of the Kingdom’s government in compliance with its Vision 2030 goals.

The journey towards success is an endless one and the key is to adhere firmly to the target. Our target was to set a clear vision of our future while developing our present. Our journey began in the recent past in a promising law office, but today – thanks be to God – we are an established law firm, standing on firm foundations, applying the most modern administrative, technical, and professional systems of legal project management. Thus, we are able to look forward to expansion, not only locally and regionally but globally, at all levels of structure, management, and range.

Thanks be to God, we have achieved competence and excellence in the field of law and legal consultation, through unrelenting hard work and learning from a wealth of experience. We have made our mark in developing the law and legal consultation sector in our community by adopting advanced work practices, being committed to SERVQUAL principles, being proactive in attention to the governance of our company, and applying the best professional standards in the field of business management in general and legal business management in particular. Furthermore, we have sought to invest in the technology required for the management of our projects and have established competent and active management systems based on legal project management methodologies. To this end, we have paid close attention to the details of management planning through the work of our distinguished legal, administrative, financial, technical, and professional team, maintaining a sharp focus on continuously developing the capabilities of this team while mobilizing all of the resources needed to ensure the outstanding excellence of Alrefaei & Aldahash.

The legal consultation, services, and business sector is considered one of the most significant pillars of the national economy, given that all other sectors depend to some extent on the support of legal service providers and that the legislative front is vital in defining the hard infrastructure for all aspects of the renaissance currently enjoyed by our beloved Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Alrefaei & Aldahash therefore strives to work rigorously and meticulously according to the system of laws promulgated by our wise government. From this aspirational starting point, we are open to delivering our products and services to others within the Kingdom and abroad.

As a result of the powerful and successful management of its integrated legal, management, financial, technical and professional work teams and with the blessing of God, the story of Alrefaei & Aldahash is one of matchless success in its goal of achieving the legal renaissance of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while contributing to the development, qualification, and training of legal staff and providing them with the skills they need to engage in work opportunities and to share in building and developing the company’s strengths.