Our Team

Dr. Abdulaziz Ahmed Aldahash


Former judge, holds Ph. D. in comparative jurisprudence, certified practicing arbitrator

Dr. Fahad Mohammed Alrefaei


Fahad Alrefaei holds a PhD from the University of Portsmouth

Professor Dr A F M Maniruzzaman

"Senior International Legal Consultant"

International Arbitrator & Mediator LLB (Honours) (first class first), LLM (first class first) (DU), M.Int’L.Law (ANU) (distinction), PhD (Cambridge), MED/C (Harvard), MCIArb, FRSA

Dr. Mohammed Al-Aamri

Executive Director

Certified trainer and consultant as a mobile training center to improve the performance and efficiency of organizations

Khaled Mohammed Al-Naqih

Social And Family advisor

Mane khorsan Alkhorsan

Notary and lawyer interested in administrative, commercial and civil issues

Talal M Soufan

Corporate Legal Counsel & International Arbitrator

Khalid Jaber Tobar

Distinguished legal advisor in the field of commercial disputes, contracts, trademarks, and national and foreign investment

Dr. Omar Mohammad Al-Khatibeh

A lawyer with a PhD in public law and a local and international arbitrator in commercial, engineering and contracting disputes

Abdullah Alfaydi

A lawyer specialized in international tax systems and drafting foreign investment contracts

Abdo Alnafori

Legal advisor specializing in administrative and commercial issues and banking and financing disputes

AlMiqded Omar

A legal advisor specialized in commercial, penal and labor disputes, writing and reviewing contracts

Mohammed Abdullah Alowaimer

A lawyer interested in real estate issues, lease-to-own issues, labor issues, and implementation issues


Senior Lawyer (Iraq) Member of the International Bar Association (IBA))

Mohammed hassan Al shehri

Lawyer interested in administrative and criminal cases

Anas Abdulaziz Al Rajhi

A lawyer interested in civil cases and banking, financing and tax disputes.

Hamoud Amer Alenzi

A lawyer interested in commercial and inheritance issues

Ahmed Abdel Karim Al-Qutaishat

A lawyer Specialist in companies and financial claims Specialist in renewable energy issues Specialist in sports contracts Specialist in commercial and sports arbitrationarbitrati

Mohammed bin Abdullah Mohammed Al-Ahmari

Lawyer, notary and founder of Mithaq Al Qanoon Advocacy and Legal Consultations.

Fahad Ahmed Awaji

Lawyer & A mediator in resolving commercial disputes from the Saudi Arbitration Center.

M.D. Mohammed Al-Jabri

Certified Industry and Governance Consultant

Dr. Turki Al-Jadaani

A lawyer with a doctorate from France interested in arbitration and commercial and labor issues

M. Osama Al Kurdi

Consultant of engineering issues and international contracts

Alaa Abd elDaym

Legal advisor specialized in arbitration, bankruptcy cases and commercial cases

Ahmed Abd elgader Bilil

Legal advisor specializing in administrative, commercial and labor issues and commercial arbitration.

Mohamed Sabry Mohamed ‎Abdullah

Financial Consultant postgraduate studies in financial accounting ‎

Mohammad H. Moawadh

Consultant engineer and member of the British Royal Society of Arbitrators

Badr Abdulrahman Aldhiab

Trainee lawyer, writer of legal affairs, interested in civil, labor and penal cases

Latefa Abdullah Baradwan

Director of Project Management

Hadeel Asaad Al-Baram

Director of Partnerships and Digital Transformation Department

Bayan Hossam El-Din Saqer

Advocate for the Quality and Audit Committee

Raghad Al Anqari

Compliance and Compliance Committee - lawyer

Nora Ben Saeed

A lawyer specializing in commercial, administrative and labor issues, as well as financing and banking disputes

Danah Hussein Almudayfi

legal councelMaster of Law, Specializing in Transnational Law

Atheer Khaled Aldghether

A trained lawyer interested in commercial issues and banking and financing disputes

Nujoud Walid Al Yahya

A trained lawyer interested in drafting contracts, commercial and labor issues, and banking disputes

Mona Mohammed Al-Dubaiti

lawyer interested in commercial and administrative disputes, and banking commissions.

Munira Salem Al-Amer

A trained lawyer interested in criminal cases, personal status issues and investment issues

Fay fisal Al-Khamash

A trained lawyer with experience in doing legal research and studying cases

Maliha Al-Mutairi

A trained lawyer interested in drafting contracts, commercial cases and banking disputes

[email protected]

A trained lawyer interested in commercial and labor issues

Tamader Ahmed Al-Hamid

A trained lawyer interested in drafting contracts, commercial cases and banking disputes

Nawader Salah Al-Mutairi

A lawyer interested in administrative listings and media issues