Under the vision of 2030, the KSA is witnessing a quantum leap, and seek to contribute to it effectively

We are the pioneers to apply of legal project management in law and legal business consultation in Arab world

distinguished team and qualified, has an experience and merit in representing clients and following up on their various issues

Our mission is to strengthen the legal preventive protection for companies and organizations

We are pioneers in the applications of the agile methodology for Agile Project Management projects in the Arab world

We mobilize our efforts to provide the best legal service to our clients through our Matrix Structure

Alrefaei Law Firm

The Law Firm of Al-Rifaie and Al-Dahsh, thanks be to God, has enjoyed continued success, being one of the most experienced legal firms in the Arab world. Our excellent team of professionals ensures distinguished leadership in the field of legal services and consultation, working with passion and employing the best international practices in the fields of law, management and technology to serve its goals.

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Strategic Vision

The Company’s strategic vision is to achieve technical leadership and excellence in legal services and related activities.

Our Aspirations and Expectations

We aspire to develop and advance the profession by rendering legal services with high professionalism, in addition to developing relations with various clients to ensure their full satisfaction and dealing with the top Arab and foreign, local, regional and international corporations.

Our motto

Accuracy, professionalism, achievement and credibility.


We are proud of our values that frame how we do our work, and we are committed to and governed by them in all our activities.

Our Advantages

We excel in legal project management applications through a project management office that focuses on the application of project management methodologies PMI and agile project management.

Our Mission

The Company’s mission is to deliver civil care, consultation and legal projects to individuals and organizations, rooted in our vision of judicial systems, academic research and legal education, according to the principles of credibility, trust, professional commitment and the defense of right, justice and profession honor.

The mission was drafted out of the core features and cultural nature of the Company for the purpose of helping – by God’s will – to achieve the strategic vision, by answering the following questions:

What is the nature of the services provided?
What is the nature of the services provided?

Legal care.

Who are the targeted?
Who are the targeted?

Individuals and organizations.

How we shall provide such services? In what fields?
How we shall provide such services? In what fields?

Rooted in our vision of the judicial system, scientific research and legal education.

Why do we offer such services? How are the interests of clients and employees served?
Why do we offer such services? How are the interests of clients and employees served?

The key is our commitment to credibility, trust, professional standards and the defense of right, justice and professional honor.

Chairman Message

Advocate Dr Fahd Alrefaei

Advocate Dr Fahd Alrefaei

We are in an era where the pace of life is accelerating and all societies are facing economic and developmental challenges in their search for leadership while limiting risk and waste, where they must react to the changing requirements of the relations among individuals and of the firms operating in these societies. Therefore, our contemporary societies have an increasingly urgent need for legal services and consultation.

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This entails creating the criteria for analyzing the actual business practices of the Company and defining its vision, then determining the performance gap between expectation and reality. For this purpose, the following strategic work hubs have been determined:

Processes of Excellence Development

Partners Reviews

We are proud in our company of building strategic companies with many entities and facilities, and we work with them to improve the supply chains of our company’s business, and we cherish their opinions and impressions of the extent of our professionalism and the quality of our joint business.

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Dr. Mohammed Ahmed


Our cooperation with Bahamam Financial Consulting Office is a competitive advantage for the company, as it contributes to strengthening our financial operations and ensuring the sound governance of our business.

Bahmam Consulting Office

Chartered accountants and auditors

In Babel Network for Information Systems Technology, we are pleased with our strategic partnership with Al-Rifai and Al-Dahesh Law Firm and Legal Consultations, and being the information systems service provider for the company, and we contribute with them to activating the REP system and improving its outputs.

Network management

Babel Network for Information Systems Technology

Al-Rifai and Al-Dahesh Law Firm is proud of our success partners, as the name of a partner is not limited to those who work with us only. Our clients who benefit from our services are our success partners. Based on this principle, we are happy for those who have this view in their dealings to join our list of partners

United Gulf Industrial Alliance

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Dr. Mohammed Ahmed


مؤسسة متخصصة في مجال تقنية المعلومات تقديم حلول وتطبيقات لأفضل ممارسات الاعمال التقنية

مؤسسة كفاءات الحلول السريعة

متخصصة في مجال التقنية

Casengine is the leading digital transformation platform for law firms and legal institutions

We provide digital solutions to deal with clients’ legal files, through a variety of features that speed up legal work, enhance teamwork, and organize all cases and

We strive to ensure that Al-Rifaie and Al-Dahsh

We strive to ensure that Al-Rifaie and Al-Dahsh is the natural home for legal practitioners and business leaders who wish to contribute to developing the legal sector in the Kingdom and across the Arab world.

Our Partners


3,678 Consultations

524 Case

55 Lawyer


Our Team

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Dr. Abdulaziz Ahmed Aldahash


Former judge, holds Ph. D. in comparative jurisprudence, certified practicing arbitrator

Dr. Fahad Mohammed Alrefaei


Fahad Alrefaei holds a PhD from the University of Portsmouth

Professor Dr A F M Maniruzzaman

"Senior International Legal Consultant"

International Arbitrator & Mediator LLB (Honours) (first class first), LLM (first class first) (DU), M.Int’L.Law (ANU) (distinction), PhD (Cambridge), MED/C (Harvard), MCIArb, FRSA

Dr. Mohammed Al-Aamri

Executive Director

Certified trainer and consultant as a mobile training center to improve the performance and efficiency of organizations

Khaled Mohammed Al-Naqih

Social And Family advisor

Mane khorsan Alkhorsan

Notary and lawyer interested in administrative, commercial and civil issues

Talal M Soufan

Corporate Legal Counsel & International Arbitrator

Khalid Jaber Tobar

Distinguished legal advisor in the field of commercial disputes, contracts, trademarks, and national and foreign investment

Dr. Omar Mohammad Al-Khatibeh

A lawyer with a PhD in public law and a local and international arbitrator in commercial, engineering and contracting disputes

Abdullah Alfaydi

A lawyer specialized in international tax systems and drafting foreign investment contracts

Abdo Alnafori

Legal advisor specializing in administrative and commercial issues and banking and financing disputes

AlMiqded Omar

A legal advisor specialized in commercial, penal and labor disputes, writing and reviewing contracts

Mohammed Abdullah Alowaimer

A lawyer interested in real estate issues, lease-to-own issues, labor issues, and implementation issues


Senior Lawyer (Iraq) Member of the International Bar Association (IBA))

Mohammed hassan Al shehri

Lawyer interested in administrative and criminal cases

Anas Abdulaziz Al Rajhi

A lawyer interested in civil cases and banking, financing and tax disputes.

Hamoud Amer Alenzi

A lawyer interested in commercial and inheritance issues

Ahmed Abdel Karim Al-Qutaishat

A lawyer Specialist in companies and financial claims Specialist in renewable energy issues Specialist in sports contracts Specialist in commercial and sports arbitrationarbitrati

Mohammed bin Abdullah Mohammed Al-Ahmari

Lawyer, notary and founder of Mithaq Al Qanoon Advocacy and Legal Consultations.

Fahad Ahmed Awaji

Lawyer & A mediator in resolving commercial disputes from the Saudi Arbitration Center.

M.D. Mohammed Al-Jabri

Certified Industry and Governance Consultant

Dr. Turki Al-Jadaani

A lawyer with a doctorate from France interested in arbitration and commercial and labor issues

M. Osama Al Kurdi

Consultant of engineering issues and international contracts

Alaa Abd elDaym

Legal advisor specialized in arbitration, bankruptcy cases and commercial cases

Ahmed Abd elgader Bilil

Legal advisor specializing in administrative, commercial and labor issues and commercial arbitration.

Mohamed Sabry Mohamed ‎Abdullah

Financial Consultant postgraduate studies in financial accounting ‎

Mohammad H. Moawadh

Consultant engineer and member of the British Royal Society of Arbitrators

Badr Abdulrahman Aldhiab

Trainee lawyer, writer of legal affairs, interested in civil, labor and penal cases

Latefa Abdullah Baradwan

Director of Project Management

Hadeel Asaad Al-Baram

Director of Partnerships and Digital Transformation Department

Bayan Hossam El-Din Saqer

Advocate for the Quality and Audit Committee

Raghad Al Anqari

Compliance and Compliance Committee - lawyer

Nora Ben Saeed

A lawyer specializing in commercial, administrative and labor issues, as well as financing and banking disputes

Danah Hussein Almudayfi

legal councelMaster of Law, Specializing in Transnational Law

Atheer Khaled Aldghether

A trained lawyer interested in commercial issues and banking and financing disputes

Nujoud Walid Al Yahya

A trained lawyer interested in drafting contracts, commercial and labor issues, and banking disputes

Mona Mohammed Al-Dubaiti

lawyer interested in commercial and administrative disputes, and banking commissions.

Munira Salem Al-Amer

A trained lawyer interested in criminal cases, personal status issues and investment issues

Fay fisal Al-Khamash

A trained lawyer with experience in doing legal research and studying cases

Maliha Al-Mutairi

A trained lawyer interested in drafting contracts, commercial cases and banking disputes

[email protected]

A trained lawyer interested in commercial and labor issues

Tamader Ahmed Al-Hamid

A trained lawyer interested in drafting contracts, commercial cases and banking disputes

Nawader Salah Al-Mutairi

A lawyer interested in administrative listings and media issues

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