CEO Message

Dr Mohammad Al-Amri

Dr Mohammad Al-Amri

Chief Executive Officer

Those who follow the progress of Alrefaei & Aldahash will find clear evidence of the company’s ability to proceed steadily towards the excellence which it seeks to achieve in all of its activities. This is evident – thanks be to God – in the upward curve of the company’s many achievements, reflecting its continuous growth and increasing breadth of success in its management of projects in a variety of fields. It has of course faced multiple challenges, proving its strength and flexibility in overcoming these by achieving operational superiority, improving its legal and consultancy qualifications, varying its programs, enhancing its inhouse capabilities through the diversity of its professional staff, augmenting its local and regional presence, and implementing the strategic plans set by the company’s management. All of this has helped to enhance the company’s pursuit of its vision of world leadership and excellence in rendering legal services.

The excellent financial, legal, administrative, technical, and operational performance of the company has been ensured by combining the efforts of the board of directors and all of the firm’s employees. In line with the strategic growth plans set out by the board, the company, represented by its executive management, has diversified its operations to encompass the multiple and varied legal programs required to meet the needs of business organizations and individuals throughout the Kingdom. We have focused on developing the capabilities of our legal staff, supporting them with logistics specialists able to apply the company’s operational model in compliance with the requirements of legal project management, and working on the operational and organizational governance of the company. This has meant transforming our structures to make us more flexible in the management of our various projects, establishing a specialized project management office, and incorporating technology into our business administration activities through the highly effective use of appropriate enterprise resource planning tools. All of this has greatly enhanced our operational flexibility, thus reducing costs, limiting risks, and providing high value for our clients.

We are confident in our assurance that Alrefaei & Aldahash is committed to its core objectives, which include developing legal services and delivering consultation and tailored projects to individuals and organizations, rooted in a clear vision of the judicial system, academic research and legal education, according to the principles of credibility, trust, professional obligation, and the defense of right, justice, and professional honor.

Therefore, our focus in Alrefaei & Aldahash is on the determination to offer real added value in the conduct of our projects, operations, legal services, and consultations and to participate in establishing robust foundations for the legal services and consultation sector in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in the wider Arab world, and ultimately in the world at large.

The notable success which we have achieved in developing the administrative, technical, financial, and legal infrastructure of the company and in establishing governance systems for all of its operations can rightly be considered a milestone in the company’s history, constituting as it does the largest project in the business of law and legal consultation in the Arab world. We are proud to be exemplary in the implementation of legal project management in the Arab world and gratified that our initiatives in developing our working system, diversifying our professional staff according to a strategic and operational plan, applying a robust governance system, and submitting to local and external auditing processes combine to confirm our implementation of the highest standards of local, regional, and international practices in our field.

I would like to express my particular appreciation to the team working on the implementation of the SERVQUAL system in the company and to extend my thanks to all of our employees for their rigorous adherence to instructions, which has enhanced the quality dimensions represented by tangibles, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empathy.

The management of Alrefaei & Aldahash confidently expects the success which we have witnessed recently will continue unabated, thanks to the company’s affirmed principles and long-term strategies designed to achieve the maximum possible growth and strongest financial revenues for our shareholders. The future, with Allah’s permission, abounds with great hope for the firm, its shareholders, the board of directors, the executive management and all of the employees.