Analysis of the Company’s Core Values

We at Al-Rifaie and Al-Dahsh believe that the true value of the Company will be realized – by God’s will – if we are committed to prioritizing our values and core principles in all of our actions. Thus, with God’s guidance, these core values should direct the company’s business and guide the thoughts, activities and duties of its employees in implementing its projects, initiatives and management techniques in order to achieve its goals of profitability, growth, endurance and competitiveness.

Our core values, which we take as the foundation of our management style, are as follows:

  • Compliance with Islamic Sharia: Our transactions, activities, projects and investments comply fully with Islamic Sharia, as we are committed to respecting Islamic morals and principles.
  • Ongoing learning is essential for developing our business, represented by our focus on developing the knowledge, skills and abilities of our staff to ensure that they have strong cognitive competences.
  • Dignity: We undertake to manage our business with dignity, honesty and transparency, prioritizing the elements of credibility and clarity above all else.
  • Respect: We accord our colleagues and clients due care, taking full account of them and their values, and basing our relations with others, whoever they may be, on fairness and respect. We appreciate people’s gift of their time and trust, which we earn by delivering excellent service and care to our clients and our employees.
  • Excellence: We are committed to the persistent pursuit of the highest possible standards in all of our activities and in the quality of the products and services that we offer.
  • Unity: Our efforts combine with those of all stakeholders, whether clients, suppliers, partners or even competitors, since we believe in the importance of establishing strong relations based on tolerance, understanding and working to achieve public interest as one solid unit.
  • Responsibility: We are committed to assuming continued responsibility for the missions assigned to us and to safeguarding the interests of the Company, its institutions, projects, activities, staff, partners and suppliers, of the communities, environments and organizations in which or with which we work, of the individuals to whom we provide services and of all those affected by our activities, thus ensuring that whatever we earn from these communities, organizations and individuals shall benefit them exponentially.
  • Methodical approach: We are committed to a rigorously academic approach to designing, building, offering and managing all of our activities, projects, products and services.
  • Professionalism: We intend that all of our activities should be in accordance with clear rules and controls binding on all of us, treating every colleague and client equally and without bias. In all interactions with colleagues and clients alike, Company employees should exhibit high morals, commitment to professional ethics and punctuality, meeting deadlines and fulfilling the duties assigned to them promptly and at the highest standards of quality. No employee should pursue any personal considerations in their management or production activities, nor take account of rumors; instead, all should give the work of the Company due attention and sufficient time, dealing methodically with events and pursuing personal development.
  • Quality assurance: We are committed to delivering services of the highest quality, documenting every detail of the execution process so that our mission will automatically be executed when the delivery of any service is repeated.
  • Initiative: We consider it essential to inculcate the spirit of initiative in our staff to present thoughts, ideas, vision and projects, as well as sharing in studying and approving these, then enabling them to rely on themselves to execute and manage such initiatives, projects and missions independently, so as to develop the spirit of self-reliant leadership in them.
  • Productivity: We similarly seek to nurture a sense of productivity, considering it a key standard to promote among Company staff, evaluating the performance of each member against standard indicators of productivity and taking action appropriate to the objective results of this evaluation. Furthermore, every project, service and initiative shall be evaluated in terms of productivity.
  • Creativity: We are committed to nurturing creative ideas, encouraging creativity in our employees, enabling them to engage in leadership activities and providing a fertile environment in which they can execute creative projects.
  • Profitability: We undertake to develop the spirit of profitability among our staff, focusing on transforming all activities and missions from cost position to profitability position, working constantly to maximize the Company’s profits, expanding the most profitable projects and encouraging the most profit-oriented members of staff.
  • Sustainability: Our sustainability is assured by concentrating on self-operation, expanding work activities of an ongoing nature, documenting all missions and activities and transforming them to executive guidelines guaranteeing sustainability, with God’s permission, by focusing on institutional processes in our work, limiting individualism and avoiding projects that rely on individual activity.

Ongoing improvement: Our commitment is to ongoing improvement in all our products, services, projects, organizational missions and executive guidance, covering our techniques of learning, working, interacting and management.