Company Work Values

In Al-Rifai and Al-Dahesh Law Firm and Legal Consultations, we believe that the true values ​​of the company are realized - God willing - if we are committed to giving fundamental values ​​and principles the first place in all our interactions.

Where, God willing, these core values ​​will direct the company’s business and its employees, their ideas, activities, work tasks, projects, initiatives, management methods and all interactions, God willing, and with His guidance and grace towards ensuring the realization of the company’s real values, namely: profitability, growth, continuity, and competitiveness.

The core values ​​that we base the way we conduct our business, are the following:

1. Compliance with Islamic Sharia: All our dealings, activities, projects and investments comply with the principles of Islamic Sharia, in respect and commitment to the ethics and principles of Islam.

2. Continuous learning: It consists in focusing on developing the knowledge and skill capabilities of our employees and their enjoyment of high thinking skills and continuous learning that develops our business.

3. Integrity: We conduct our business with integrity, honesty and transparency, offering two elements: credibility, and clarity over anything else.

4. Respect: We take care of our colleagues and customers and make them feel valued. Our relationships with others are based on dealing with fairness and respect, whether they are customers of the company, who value their time and the trust that we gain, by providing excellent customer service and care, or they are company employees.

5. Excellence: We are committed to relentless pursuit of the highest possible standards in our daily business and in the quality of the products and services we provide.

6. Union: We join forces with our team, whether they are customers, suppliers, partners or even competitors, as we believe in the importance of establishing strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and working for the common good as a cohesive unit.

7. Responsibility: We are committed to continuing to assume responsibility towards the tasks assigned to them and to take into account the interests of the company, its institutions, projects, activities, employees, our partners, our suppliers, the communities, environments and organizations in which we work or with them, the individuals to whom we provide our services and all those who benefit from our work, and to ensure that what we derive from those communities and organizations And individuals will benefit them - God willing - exponentially.

8. Scientific Methodology: We are committed to observing the scientific methodology in building, designing, providing and managing all our activities, projects, products and services in accordance with a tight academic framework.

9. Professionalism: That the work or activity is carried out according to clear and recognized rules and controls that everyone is bound by, and dealing with all team members and clients equally without bias, and that the employee is ethical with his colleagues and clients, committed to professional ethics and punctuality, especially when completing A project or task, and is bound by the rules, regulations, procedural manuals and organizational forms, and keen to complete the work entrusted to it in the required time and speed and with the highest possible quality, and not to include any personal considerations in administrative or production work and dealing with the higher management on the basis of official communication channels and sublimation of disputes during Work limits, giving work time and the company due attention and sufficient time, not referring to rumors, dealing pragmatically with events and keenness on self-development.

10. Professionalism: Executing the work in the best possible quality with documentation for each part of the implementation to transform the task into a sustainable procedural task that is executed automatically once it is repeated.

11. Initiative: Developing the spirit of initiative among our employees to put forward ideas, visions and projects, participate in their study and approval, and then enable them to be self-reliant to implement and manage these initiatives, projects and tasks emanating from them independently to develop their leadership spirit.